About a very important document…

Hello dear readers,


I have been away for a long period of time but today I have decided that I needed to write to you all.

The title of today´s post is “about a very important document”.

What do you think it can be about?

Without a doubt, I am going to share with you what I have done today. I was reading on Internet about the importance of having a visual and attractive Curriculum Vitae. Nowdays, it is very important to have a good and updated CV when you are looking for a job that you are really interested in. During my life, I have written different CVs and I have been updating it constantly. Recently, I had an interview and we discussed my CV. I  I commented the length of my CV. The interviewer suggested that it is not good enough to have a 10 pages long CV. I got truly disappointed. My first thought was: OMG, how can I summarise a 10 pages long CV! Then, at home, I reflected about his comment. So today, I thought, I am going to do something about it. Suggestions must be taken into account to act upon them and improve. Have you ever used canva?


Description of the product: Canva is a free website to produce texts. You can use  it for numerous uses such a visual leaflet, a visual and fresh teaching resource or a fresh CV like I have written today.

Advantages: You can have a very visual and easy-reading CV where all your main skills, experiences and education can be found at a glance. It is fun and useful for the interviewers. I really like that it is very personalised and you can make many changes. There are numerous formats for your CV. There is the possiblity of choice, this is great because it makes you feel more important in front of your own CV.

Disadvantages: The only disadvantage I can see is the shortness of the CV. It is very annoying to reduce a 10 page long CV into a 1 page. It is impossible to include everything you have done. The only solution I can see, it is the possibility of mentioning the possibility of sending your longer CV in an email.


Finally, I would like you to share your opinions about this post and if you know other free websites to create a fresh CV, please let us know too. Thank you for reading me!


CVelblogdemisidiomas   Click on here to see the CV


Sobre la palabra educación

La educación lo es todo. Education is everything.

Everything is a common abstract noun. This would be the description of this word in a grammatical context, however in a pragmatic context it would be something different. Words are very important for those people who can think about them. Sadly not everyone is willing to think about these linguistic nuisances. Words help you to understand and, consequently, to think. A word without meaning is like an empty head.




Dear readers of “el blog de mis idiomas”,


in 20 years time we will not speak more than one language, it will not be necessary.

Let me introduce you to Mr.speaker. com. This app will help you to understand and communicate from any language to any language in any part of the world. This is our future and we are looking forward to it.

There will not be any more suffering from students who struggle to learn any foreign language, no more translators or not more mistakes. Everything will be done for you, as simple as that.


Any reflections dear readers?


Welcome back!




A perfect world…

Once upon a time there was a huge and multicultural world… There were people from everywhere that you could imagine and the most important thing, they were all happy. They were all kind, hard-working and multilingual people. They worked and lived in peace. They were respectful with each other and they tried to help each other. The baker made the bread for everybody and the teacher taught all the students. There were never problems or disrespectful times. They were all respectful with each other and they thought about the future as something very important. They wanted to live in peace and happily. Their only concern was the future of the new generations. They wanted to give them an even better future. They knew that they had to learn from each other, respect each other and think about progress.


That was a perfect world. Full stop.

About adjectives…

Hello dear friends,

today I want to introduce the topic of adjectives:

“An adjective is a describing word”.This can be defined as the easiest way to describe an adjective, but I would like to include that an adjective is something else, it is a word full of life. This means that adjectives are full of color, they are full of life or death at the same time. An adjective is a magic word that completes a noun. It describes the noun next to it.

We all know what is a house, what is a friend and what is life. But a white house is different from a brown house. A good friend is the opposite of a bad friend. A wonderful life is not the same that a sad life. Now can you see how important adjectives are? They take you to a different level of language and concepts. They are very important, indeed.

I have decided to write about adjectives because yesterday I read a post about Spanish adjectives, the 100 more used adjectives in Spanish:


I listened to them, they sounded like a whimsical song to my ears. I enjoyed them a lot, then I thought that I needed to write about adjectives. What do you think about them? Can you use this resource in your class to teach adjectives in Spanish? I would like to listen to your opinions.

Hasta pronto!