About adjectives…

Hello dear friends,

today I want to introduce the topic of adjectives:

“An adjective is a describing word”.This can be defined as the easiest way to describe an adjective, but I would like to include that an adjective is something else, it is a word full of life. This means that adjectives are full of color, they are full of life or death at the same time. An adjective is a magic word that completes a noun. It describes the noun next to it.

We all know what is a house, what is a friend and what is life. But a white house is different from a brown house. A good friend is the opposite of a bad friend. A wonderful life is not the same that a sad life. Now can you see how important adjectives are? They take you to a different level of language and concepts. They are very important, indeed.

I have decided to write about adjectives because yesterday I read a post about Spanish adjectives, the 100 more used adjectives in Spanish:


I listened to them, they sounded like a whimsical song to my ears. I enjoyed them a lot, then I thought that I needed to write about adjectives. What do you think about them? Can you use this resource in your class to teach adjectives in Spanish? I would like to listen to your opinions.

Hasta pronto!